I am kinda surprised it only $9.99 a month. I thank god that I have found this. I am a college student, I make around $600 a month $350 goes to Rent and School and I save 25$ to enroll in seminars, if I want to enroll in any program or other courses I need to have a full time job not 2 days a week with an 8 hours shift. So thanks really for the Real Estate JV Club team who made this...-Mohamed Elhadari

First rate all the way!-Sherwin Buydens

It was a pleasure to have met you guys last night! To be honest I’ve been to a lot of these seminars before but most of them are just teasers to get you to buy their books or classes for $4,000+. I really cant believe your doing all this for $10!-Jennifer

The group thus far has given me more value than the pocket change I put out for it monthly. All of us waste more than 10 bucks a month on useless things. Odin and Thane are giving away great treasures of information pretty much for free!! Take advantage of it if you are serious in any aspect of real estate investing or just want to expand or gain knowledge as a home owner what this market and you could be capable of. Go for it...you won't be disappointed or bored with the improv atmosphere and entertainment from the organizers.-Jeff Towers


Odin - he turned a previous real estate investment around from having to subsidize it to the tune of often $1000 or more every month; to having about $500 positive cash flow each and every month. In addition, property values have jumped about 40%. Odin loves to make deals, but I know that he loves to see others profit and succeed as much or more than himself. Currently, I am involved in three profit share deals with Odin. He was meticulous in ensuring the contract was drawn up fairly, to the point of having a lawyer approve it. Incidentally, these three properties have moved up in value about 20% in the space of 12 months. I trust him completely, and will be doing many more deals in the future with Odin.

Michael Sept, Alberta